Episode 8 : The Freaking Azuretalon Episode!!`

REMINDER!  This will be the last episode posted on this blog, and the last one posted through Podomatic.  After this, go to the new place!



This episode is all about Azuretalon.  It’s not our fault, blame the hat!  He wasn’t a guest, he was just… the constant topic of conversation.  So, if you don’t like ol’ BlueClaw, then skip this one.  But for all of those huge Azuretalon fans (I’ve seen the club roster), you’ll wanna send away for the transcript of this episode, and frame it!

Play episode here.

Download episode here.

If you want to subscribe to the feed, it’s here.

The only links we have are this weird mystery brought up by… you guessed it… Azuretalon!

Those two guys!  Who are they?

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We are moving! We are moving!!

We’re leaving this domain, and traveling to our own domain!  Starting… well, very soon… we’ll be at www.themagicaltalkinghat.com, and moving where we host the files.

What this means to you:

1.  Stop commenting on this site.  I’m moving everything over to the new one, so all the old comments will be there.  But as of this post, anything you put here will be lost.

2.  Since we’re not hosting at Podomatic.com, those of you who get the podcast straight from there will need to adjust.  I’ll put Episode 8 up there, too, but that’s it.  Those of you who subscribe via Feedburner or iTunes or just get it right from the website, you’ll be fine, and shouldn’t notice any change, although I will be adjusting the old posts on the new site, and the play/download links will kind of meld together (hopefully).

3.  I’m still learning all this new stuff with my own hosted space and cool WordPress super-powers and such.  So have some patience with me.

4.  Pretty much everything else should stay the same, but if you have questions or problems, email Tony or the Hat, and we’ll try and answer/fix it.

5.  Emergency exits are located two to the front, two over the wings, and two in the back.

Thank you for your patience.  We’ll all get through this.  😉


–The Management

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Episode 7 : The Politically Active Episode!

We’re getting serious people!  A call to political action, cool swords, and we solve the racism problem!  And beer!  No Mel Brooks, though.

Listen here!

Download here!

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I’m not gonna hunt down the individual Drizzt books, but the overall Wikipedia page is here.  You can learn all the different ones from that.

Some of my favorite games mentioned are Dominion and Race for the Galaxy.  Also good is Jaipur, for two players.

And here’s more on IPAs.

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Episode 6 : The Nothing Episode

We’ve got nothing in this episode.  Well, exploitation cinema, Charlie Sheen *and* Mel Brooks, more social awkwardness, and toys that pee.  But really, nothing.  We’ve got nothing this time.

Listen here!

Download here!

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Links this time include audible.com, where you should buy all your audiobooks, and podiobooks.com, where you should get all your free audiobooks, cuz you’re a cheap bastard.  And don’t forget to check out the Heaven series by Mur Lafferty, at Podiobooks, and really anything by Mur.

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Episode 5 : The Quintennial Celebration!

Welcome to our biggest episode ever!  We’ve got spin-offs, merchandise, angry listeners, more questions than any episode prior to this… and I try and sell my cat!

Listen to it here!

Download it here!

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The only major link to plug this time is The Douchey DM, which got misspelled on the show (But it’s not my fault!  It was spelled that way in the email!)

So the website is actually DOUCHEYDM.COM.

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Episode 4 : The Proper Episode

We’re all about the class and culture this week.  Proper cups of tea, Shakespeare, British people.  Oh, and Charlie Sheen.  Classy, classy Charlie Sheen.

Play the episode here.

Download it here.

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Not a lot of links mentioned this time, but I spoke up again for Happy Jacks and The Nerdist.  You should really check them out!

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Episode 3: Did it just get dark in here?

This week’s episode focuses primarily on death, murder, world domination, and nuclear holocaust.  But don’t worry, we throw some porn in there too!

Play the episode here.

Or download the episode here.

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Links mentioned in this episode would be the great and awesome Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog!  Here it is! Well, that’s the website anyway.  If you want to see it, go to Netflix.  It’s on Instant Watch.

And of course, the magic of Sushi Cat! And its two sequels.

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How cool are we? Fan art cool!

So the Hat is so awesome, people are submitting artwork!


Here’s Mark’s take on the Hat:



And here’s Gert’s version of the Hat on a… llama? 🙂



Great work, guys!  Everyone feel free to send in artwork, or anything else, if inspiration strikes!

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Episode 2: Just when you thought we were gone…

We’re back!  In one short hour (give or take), we double our total podcast output!  Topics are mostly movies and books this time.  And most of that is movies.  You wanted more William, listeners?  Well, you got it!


Play the episode here.

Or download it here.

Or subscribe to the podcast feed here.

The only real link we discussed this time is William’s site, and it can be found here.


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Episode 1: And so it begins…

Our first epsiode of the podcast is up!

This is the first episode of The Magical Talking Hat.  Topics include breaking the ice in elevators, Gold Rush Alaska, Tony Danza, and the internet as a basic life necessity.

Play it here!

Or download it here!

Or if you want to subscribe, here’s a link to the feed.

Links mentioned in the episode:

William’s books are here and here.

The Nerdist can be found here.

And Happy Jack’s can be found here.

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