Episode 4 : The Proper Episode

We’re all about the class and culture this week.  Proper cups of tea, Shakespeare, British people.  Oh, and Charlie Sheen.  Classy, classy Charlie Sheen.

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Not a lot of links mentioned this time, but I spoke up again for Happy Jacks and The Nerdist.  You should really check them out!

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5 Responses to Episode 4 : The Proper Episode

  1. Bloodsparrow says:

    I think you were trying to say that Iowa City is the Austin of the Midwest.

  2. Stuart says:

    Ok, tea.

    To be honest, proper tea leaves is a bit well to do, so tea bags will suffice. English Breakfast blend seemsto be something invented outside of Blighty to emulate black tea. Don’t settle for that, Hy Vee Coralville has PG Tips, which is pretty much what 99% of us proles drink.

    If you’ve got a few people, make a pot. You’ll want 1 tea bag per person. Boil water, pour in tea pot with bags in. You can be patient and let it brew for a few mins, or be impatient like my old man and stir with a spoon. The water must be boiling, make sure you have a good kettle.

    Now, insofar as thermodynamics is concerned, the milk should be in your cup first. Unless you’re well versed in tea making, it can be hard to judge the amount this way. Pour tea in… whomever likes it weakest, pour theirs first. Add milk and stir. If it looks milky, it’s weak. If it looks like coffee, it’s going to taste shit (even by strong tea standards).

    If done right, even a weak one with loads of milk, it’s still too hot to just drink. Sip!

    THIS IS NEVER DONE IN THE US: offer a cup of tea to guests or tradesman a soon as they arrive. Come to fix your A/C? Offer a cuppa. Use a cheap mug, it’ll be around tools. If guests have been at your house longer than about an hour, offer them another cup. OPTIONAL: get some Chocolate Hobnobs from Coralville New Pi Coop. They are the biscuits (cookies to you guys) of kings. Ham sandwiches also go down a treat.

    Any questions?

  3. For those of you not in Iowa City, what Stuart means is:

    Coralville HyVee = Your local supermarket
    Coralville New Pi Coop = Your local Whole Foods or other hippy/hipster grocery.

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