Episode 5 : The Quintennial Celebration!

Welcome to our biggest episode ever!  We’ve got spin-offs, merchandise, angry listeners, more questions than any episode prior to this… and I try and sell my cat!

Listen to it here!

Download it here!

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The only major link to plug this time is The Douchey DM, which got misspelled on the show (But it’s not my fault!  It was spelled that way in the email!)

So the website is actually DOUCHEYDM.COM.

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3 Responses to Episode 5 : The Quintennial Celebration!

  1. Tony's wife says:

    You boys may have a problem . . .

    Ezzie heard herself on the podcast, and I think she has gotten a taste for it. I don’t think she’s discouraged at all!

    • William says:

      Darn it. Now we’ll have to rush-order some “Team Ezzie” t-shirts…

      Maybe we could offset the cost by getting a refund on the surplus “Team William” shirts. Because, you know… we have, um… lots of those left…

  2. jazzisblues says:

    mea fucking culpa … I never claimed I could spell … You crazy kids get off my lawn … ehhhhhh !!!!



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