We are moving! We are moving!!

We’re leaving this domain, and traveling to our own domain!  Starting… well, very soon… we’ll be at www.themagicaltalkinghat.com, and moving where we host the files.

What this means to you:

1.  Stop commenting on this site.  I’m moving everything over to the new one, so all the old comments will be there.  But as of this post, anything you put here will be lost.

2.  Since we’re not hosting at Podomatic.com, those of you who get the podcast straight from there will need to adjust.  I’ll put Episode 8 up there, too, but that’s it.  Those of you who subscribe via Feedburner or iTunes or just get it right from the website, you’ll be fine, and shouldn’t notice any change, although I will be adjusting the old posts on the new site, and the play/download links will kind of meld together (hopefully).

3.  I’m still learning all this new stuff with my own hosted space and cool WordPress super-powers and such.  So have some patience with me.

4.  Pretty much everything else should stay the same, but if you have questions or problems, email Tony or the Hat, and we’ll try and answer/fix it.

5.  Emergency exits are located two to the front, two over the wings, and two in the back.

Thank you for your patience.  We’ll all get through this.  😉


–The Management

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