Episode 8 : The Freaking Azuretalon Episode!!`

REMINDER!  This will be the last episode posted on this blog, and the last one posted through Podomatic.  After this, go to the new place!



This episode is all about Azuretalon.  It’s not our fault, blame the hat!  He wasn’t a guest, he was just… the constant topic of conversation.  So, if you don’t like ol’ BlueClaw, then skip this one.  But for all of those huge Azuretalon fans (I’ve seen the club roster), you’ll wanna send away for the transcript of this episode, and frame it!

Play episode here.

Download episode here.

If you want to subscribe to the feed, it’s here.

The only links we have are this weird mystery brought up by… you guessed it… Azuretalon!

Those two guys!  Who are they?

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