How cool are we? Fan art cool!

So the Hat is so awesome, people are submitting artwork!


Here’s Mark’s take on the Hat:



And here’s Gert’s version of the Hat on a… llama? ūüôā



Great work, guys!  Everyone feel free to send in artwork, or anything else, if inspiration strikes!

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Episode 2: Just when you thought we were gone…

We’re back! ¬†In one short hour (give or take), we double our total podcast output! ¬†Topics are mostly movies and books this time. ¬†And most of that is movies. ¬†You wanted more William, listeners? ¬†Well, you got it!


Play the episode here.

Or download it here.

Or subscribe to the podcast feed here.

The only real link we discussed this time is William’s site, and it can be found here.


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Episode 1: And so it begins…

Our first epsiode of the podcast is up!

This is the first episode of The Magical Talking Hat.  Topics include breaking the ice in elevators, Gold Rush Alaska, Tony Danza, and the internet as a basic life necessity.

Play it here!

Or download it here!

Or if you want to subscribe, here’s a link to the feed.

Links mentioned in the episode:

William’s books are here and here.

The Nerdist can be found here.

And Happy Jack’s can be found here.

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